*omeSOM is a tool designed to give support to the data mining task of metabolic and transcriptional datasets derived from different databases. It provides a user-friendly interface and offers several visualization tools easy to understand by non-expert users. Therefore, *omeSOM is a tool designed to give support to the data mining task applied to basic research as well as breeding programs.

Main features

*omeSOM is oriented towards discovering unknown relationships between data, as well as providing simple visualizations for the identification of co-expressed genes and co-accumulated metabolites. A case study which involved gene expression measurements and metabolite profiles from tomato fruits is provided to show the application of the proposed tool. The interest in comparing the cultivated tomato against the different ILs lies on the fact that, as it has been proven, some wild tomato relatives can be sources of several agronomical characters which could be used for the improvement of commercial tomato lines.


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